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Hello, and welcome!
My name is Andi, ​I am not your typical therapist.​ I am the sum of all my experiences, communities and beliefs. This rich mosaic renders me uniquely equipped to guide you.
My expertise lies in navigating the complexities of anxiety, behaviour change, and personal development. Alongside my clients, I've witnessed the true power of the subconscious mind in facilitating remarkable transformations.
Having personally walked through life`s myriad challenges,  I stand with you, not just as a therapist, but as a steadfast companion, cheering you on as we turn pain into purpose, and hardship into wisdom. Trust me, I understand the journey. I`ve learned to transform pain into wisdom, and I`m eager to guide you on how to do the same.
My philosophy towards hypnotherapy is rooted in the belief that everyone possesses an innate capacity for self-healing and transformation. I view hypnotherapy as a powerful tool to unlock this potential, facilitating deep and lasting change. My approach is empathetic, non-judgmental, and centred around building a strong, trusting relationship with each client. I believe in working collaboratively to uncover the subconscious barriers to wellness and happiness, empowering clients to make positive changes in their lives.
" One day you will tell your story of how you overcome what you went through and it will become someone else`s survival guide." 
                                                                                      Brene Brown
Join me, and let's begin weaving your story of resilience and self-discovery.

CreActive Your Mind ....

I believe , success start with developing positive and productive mindset. My aim is to help, inspire and equip others with the skills and mindset necessary for success.

Today, I live a blessed, abundant, and happy life. However, this wasn’t always the case. The previous decade it was by far the most difficult and painful lesson I have ever had to learn. The nine years period living with an abuser, taught me some critical, life changing lessons that have brought me to where I am today. I accepted toxic relationships because my inner child was trying to heal itself . I was hurt, I was sad and disappointed and emotionally shut done. I never felt valued. I discovered that I had spent my life living for other people’s priorities, abandoning myself and losing my voice. 

Real transformation began when I took responsibility for my own life and I started living with intention each day. My children are my three most precious gifts: their love inspired me and called for a fully functioning, happy, and loving mother.

I want to be their role model, as I believe the life I live is the lesson I teach.

I `ve learned to prioritize and say no, which has been pivotal in flourishing and reclaiming my self-worth. 

My knowledge returned what I learned The Silva Method foundation course for teenagers in Hungary. The course offered a  weekends of learning Silva`s tools and techniques, instilling the importance of responsibility in our thought  and behaviour patterns, and retaining what serves our growth while releasing what doesn't.

They thought us the power of positive and resourceful thinking and the development of life-building confidence, discarding detrimental habits, and embracing a more energized existence.


 My profound interest and belief in the mind-body connection and alternative health technologies began over 20 years ago.

This passion, combined with my desire for self-development, led me to explore numerous healing modalities, including psychology, anatomy, physiology, Silva`s mind control methods, and Bio-logical solution formulas in areas such as Nutrition and Energy Healing. I was eager to learn more about what makes me, me. . It took me more than 5 years to CreActive my Mind. 

Then, I discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT® is one of the coolest self-development tools I’ve come across. As you may know, self-improvement and overcoming personal setbacks and healing from traumas (physical and mental) are not easy. That’s why I LOVE RTT®.

The speed at which it delivers results is extraordinary and thrilling.


So, I am a living example of the truth: 

Everyone can CreActive their mind and rewrite their life story ! This is because our intelligence and opportunities are as boundless as our aspirations,  Not fixed like our shoe sizes.

Grow Your Vision

Are you ready to dive deeper into your journey of self- nourishment?

Let me assist you in addressing your “What IF’s” and "WHYs", by unravelling the layers of your concerns.

Together, we`ll face and overcome your challenges. 

I offer personalized hypnosis sessions designed to help you lead a balanced, harmonious life. Combining my extensive knowledge and experience, we`ll pave the way for you to make impactful positive changes.

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